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Our newest hard line. Fragrances that are unique fresh and enduring. 

Trained in Paris, we took the knowledge and ran.

We are a boutique

manufacturing company located in Florida. We produce small batch bath and body products.

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We ship worldwide

Fragrances by

Victor James

Philomena, Love these guys and they have the best soap!!💞

We produce home products ranging from bags to table runners

​also we are blending our own Potpourri and fragrances.  

What Clients Say About Us

Duval Sunset

​Candle Company


​Great Meadow & Co


We blend 100% American soy with our secret blend of waxes to produce a wonderful consistant flame  we set the mood. We have a wonderful selection of blended fragrances and styles of candles from tins to the classics.

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Vendor Program

​We Ship world wide

About our Hawaiian limited edition soap Michelle Keanna Sacino I am so excited I was able to get 2 of each today !! They all smell incredible!!!

Lindsay Dukic 😍❤️ We love all your new products. The cupcake soaps were a huge hit with the girls! 🧁❤️