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Building Community through matching needs


The Little Star

Network ​inc.

       Part of the Little Star Network inc. has always been to define our  mission to give back. Now more then ever its important for all of us to at least try.

Just like Morning Dew helped Little Star in the Great Meadow find out why he was...

We are here to help guide Need with those with those whom like to help, one person at a time. Welcome to Need-Match.com

our place to help guide assistance.

Little Star Network inc. Mission statement:

The Little Star Network inc and our brands represent the goodness of others found in or original book, WHY AM I?!

where as we are all part of the Great Meadow.  We are important as an individuals but strong in our numbers to help and guide each other.

  • Great Meadow & Co, quality home interiors, Soaps & Lotions Books and art and more.
  • Duval Sunset candles amazing candles at amazing prices creating more then moods, creating memories
  • Twisted Assets creating amazing twisted jewelry more in line with art pieces then jewelry
  • The Great Meadow vendor market opening our online store to opportunity for others.
  • Need-Match.com

​With that said as always please do your research when checking out our site and those other sites around you. We are doing everything with the best intentions for you and those in need and our company and brand.

Please use common sense. There are a lot of people and sites without the intentions you nor us as a company have. We will do our best in trying to keep, be safe and offer help. We are not responsible for any situation that may arise from a negative match experience. Don't ask for things you don't need... don't give to anyone whom seems to not make sense. If it smells fishy, its probably fishy. 

We will do our best to weed out those issues. Its ultimately up to you and each individual to do their own research... we do not provide moneys or products on need-match.com we just try to connect those whom need with those whom can help, one Need-Match.com at a time...

together lets make a difference especially through this most challenging time...

thank you

Little Star Network inc.