Duval Sunset Candle Company

Set the Mood

This hard line of products include our hand blended candle line. We blend 100% American soy with our secret blend of waxes to produce a wonderful consistant flame that not only burns well, we also layer in the fragarence to not be over powering, yet intising and in turn we set the mood. We have a wonderful selection of blended fragarences and styles of candles from tins to the classics and everything in between. This next year we plan on expanding into taper and unique birthday candles. our products are available world wide

Great Meadow Soap Co.

Handcrafted Pure

Our soap company provides some of the most innovative and create hand crafted pure soaps, both bar and liquid.

our ingredients are simple coconut based products. our liquid soap bases are imported from England and again follow our strict  pure standards.

we blend only olive, soy or peanut oils with our coconut oil base. then our super fats (the moisturizing component is either castor or sweet almond oil.)

we also use the finest imported fragrance and essential oils. Our products exceed the world standard not just the US standard and are hypoallergenic, so most anyone can enjoy.

we ship world wide

Great Meadow Domestics.

Home products

Here we provide Home products, linens, bags and items that embrace the solitude and magic of domestic life. Our table runners and bags our all hand made. we also make plush little stars that are air loom quality for new arrivals. we also sell back lit wall hangings. our products here are available locally in and thru out central Florida.in retail location.

Great Meadow Spa

Spa products

Our Spa products, like our soap products are hand blended pure, we make our own imported sea salt scrub, lotions and dead sea mud masks.

These products, like all our other inventory use the upmost GMP in producing products that are consistent in quality, durability, and customer satisfaction every time.

We use hand dried imported Mediterranean sea salt, blended with vitamin E and coconut oil with imported lavender buds. We try to keep it simple.

our imported dead sea mud is purified and blended with essential oils.

our hand blended lotions are all pariban free. some are hydrosol based, all are hand blended pure.

our bath salts are intense and relaxing. These products are available world wide.

Our Retail Drivers

Great Meadow & Co.

As a retail outlet and profit center,

Great Meadow & Co. covers our

retail hard line divisions,

Great Meadow Soap Company,

Great Meadow Domestics

Great Meadow Spa,

Duvall Sunset Candle Company,

Fragarences by Victor James

Great Meadow & Co.

Fragrances by Victor James

release yourself

Our newest hard line. Fragrances that are unique fresh and enduring. we blend our own fragrances. Many Names pay homage to my character life performing at  at Walt Disney world. we currently have a dozen different fragrances.

Trained in Paris, we took the knowledge and ran.. Our products come in 2floz and 4floz. eau de toilette blends. we keep it simple but also move it forward. Available worldwide.


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