Our Background

Say hello to The Little Star Network inc.

 We are all part of the Great Meadow

That has been our core value, in building this brand. our products are pure as is our commitment to you be that a vendor, wholesale customer, private label or our most valued Customer whom has found us online or visited us at the Farmers market.


Our Company The Little Star Network inc and our brands is based on fun and creativity, with a mission of team work and respect. We value our customers and they drive our brands, Ray and I respect each other during the development stage of our products. 

Launched in 2003, the evolution of our children's book Why Am I!? set the standard to our commitment of our product , and Little Star has become our brand mascot.

Our Company Profile

Published author

(november 2003 edition)

 Our first Book, Why AM I?! was published with enough success to develop our Brand.

everything we build is related to our simple book about finding your way. we have,

through the support of our customers around the world, we have consistently expanded our grass roots mission. Great things from a great Place!

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The Little Star

Network ‚Äčinc.

The Little Star Network inc 


Founded: 2003

Owner: James Calcaterra and Raymond Roels

Certifications: NCIDQ certified


Areas of expertise:  Boutique Manufacturing, Graphic Design, Publishing, Corporate PROMOTION, product development and implementation